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People often ask me why I have chosen to be a professional Celebrant and the truth is; I just love it. To be able to do a job that I am truly passionate about makes me skip out of bed in the morning. 

Once you have made contact I will meet with you to have coffee or chat on the phone to discuss your ideas and hear all about what is important to you.

There is no obligation, it is important that you feel comfortable and listened to. We will work out what you want and what you don't want and then I will explain the process of how I will design the ceremony.  Every effort will be made to make your day a most memorable one. My goal is to give you a unique ceremony that you and your guests will always remember, I hope to exceed your expectations. 

Ceremony Choices

I write and design bespoke ceremonies for weddings, same sex marriages, renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies, baby namings and all other family ceremonies. If you don't want to have a standard wedding at a church or registry office and would like something unique and personalised then I can help you. Your ceremony does not have to be at a registered venue, it can be anywhere, any time and any way. I write and perform bespoke ceremonies that can be themed or traditional but are not religious. 


There is so much choice than there ever used to be for wedding venues, using a celebrant means that you are not restricted in any way. The present law states that to make the marriage legal you will need to buy a marriage licence from your local registry office. We can include signing of the witness parchment on the day (your guests will not know any difference)  

You can say "I do" any place, any where at any time. I will work with you to design a ceremony that is personal and unforgettable to you, your family, friends and guests can participate and be included in the ceremony. You may choose to include special elements (please see elements page). 

Once I have written the ceremony which will include all of your wishes and desires we will meet again to finalise details. Just before the happy event we will have a full rehearsal to make sure that everyone included knows what to do and when, this helps everyone feel happy and relaxed on the day. I will give you a copy of the wedding ceremony in a presentation folder. You can be rest assured that every effort will be made to make your day one to remember. 

Wedding packages start from £350.

Renewal of Vows

Whether you have just returned from eloping or you are about to celebrate a big anniversary, vow renewal may be on your mind. You may want to say the words again that you said before in front of your nearest and dearest or make new promises. As life goes on personal circumstances can change, renewing your promises to each other again shows that you are still in love and are there for each other whatever life throws at you. 
As with weddings, this ceremony can be performed any time, any place, anywhere. I will work with you to design the perfect ceremony and include whoever and whatever you wish. 

Renewal of Vows starts from £275.


This ceremony is an alternative to christenings. Every naming ceremony is unique, it is an opportunity to celebrate the birth of a child or welcome adopted, step-children into the family. The child or children can be any age. A naming ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for the child's future. You may wish to include a traditional element into the ceremony.

Namings start from £175