Friday, 18 August 2017

Texas Couple - British Location

I am honoured to say that I have conducted weddings for international guests which have included brides/grooms from Turkey, South Korea and most recently Texas.

I am passionate at designing and performing a wedding ceremony that is everything the couple want it to be. The distance has not been a problem as we have completed all wedding planning by Skype and email. I love to suggest ideas that can be built into the ceremony to give a unique wedding that also reflects their cultures and beliefs.

Last month I had the pleasure of welcoming 35 guests from Texas, USA for a location setting wedding at Butley Priory, Suffolk. It was quite surreal to be the only person from England at the wedding apart from venue staff!

This is a testimonial from Joyce O'Donnell who was mother-of-the-bride.

As mother of the bride, I cannot thank you enough for a perfect wedding ceremony.  As I told you when we met, my Claire, the bride, said that she felt totally confident that you had everything completely under control and that she and her groom, Jonathan, felt that you knew exactly what they wanted.   As we are all from Texas, your guidance as to what makes a British wedding special made Claire's wedding so beautifully unique - beautifully British with a Texas flair.  

All of our guests remarked at how moving and deeply personal the ceremony was to them.  All of them know Claire and Jonathan in different ways that you were able to bring to life so well.  It made everyone feel very included in this most happy time.

When I look at the photos from the ceremony,I see pure joy in my daughter's and new son-in-law's faces.  Thank you again for making the start of this day so unforgettable.
Joyce O'Donnell