Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Elements Explained – The Extra Touch

Ring Warming – rings are placed in a bag and handed around the guests. Each guest holds the bag for a few seconds and makes a silent wish for the couples future, before passing it on to the next guest.

Love Box – box containing the couple’s favourite drink. Each partner writes a letter saying why they fell in love with the other person, nobody else sees it, the letter has previously been put in an envelope and sealed. The two letters are put in the box and not opened until an agreed anniversary unless the couple fall on hard times and need to remind themselves why they fell in love with their partner.

First Kiss Last Kiss – this one is for the Mothers! Both Mothers come to the front and kiss their child, this symbolises the first kiss from when you are a baby to now the last kiss as a single adult.

Jumping the Broom – an ancient tradition. The bride and groom stand together, the groom holds the broom and sweeps behind him to get rid of any negativity in the past and then he sweeps in front to clear the path of obstacles for the couple. The best men/bridesmaids then hold the broom on the ground and everyone counts 1, 2, 3 then the bride and groom jump over the broom into their new life together.  

Handfasting  “Tying the Knot” – in ancient times couples were tied together for a year and a day to see if they were a good match, thank goodness we don’t practice that now! The couple put their arms together so that the pulse on the wrist is touching the other person’s pulse. Beautiful coloured ribbons symbolising different elements life health, fertility and prospertiy are laid on the couple’s arms before the final cord binds them together. The promises will be bound whilst love lasts.

Unity Candle a member from each family comes to the front. They light a small candle then join the lit candle  onto a large one in the middle. This is to symbolise 2 individuals become 1 family.

Unity Sands – good way to involve all the guests. Coloured sands that symbolise different elements are poured into a container. Not only does this provide a beautiful keepsake, it means that individual grains are together as one never to be parted.

Breaking the Glass – completed at the end of the ceremony, a wine glass is wrapped in a napkin, put on the ground and then smashed. This is to interpret that life is as fragile as glass and should be lived to the full every day.