Thursday, 16 April 2015

Wedding Traditions from Around the Globe

Around the World in 80 minutes

My husband Jerry and I have been married for 16 years; I have been researching wedding traditions from around the globe. So come with me on a light-hearted journey of discovery and read about how my marriage would compare with different traditions and cultures from around the world.

Let us start our journey in China because I have to admit Chinese food is never far from my mind. Traditional Chinese grooms will call to collect their bride from her parent’s house on the morning of the wedding. Before the couple are allowed to go the groom has to ask if there are any jobs that need doing. Now this made me chuckle because my Mum would have a list of DIY “just jobs” for Jerry to do! The good news is that my favourite colour red is considered lucky and is used for decorations and invitations. The bad news is the happy couple have to keep their shoes on from the moment they slip them on in the morning till the very end of the evening reception.
A well-known Jewish tradition is the breaking of the glass. For those of you that know me well you will remember that I can be accident prone and have smashed quite a few glasses in my time!  I have even karate chopped a glass off a table in the middle of a business meeting. The Jewish meanings of breaking the glass have many meanings, such as the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem or simply a reminder of the fragility of life and marriage. I think the Hora sounds the most fun; being hoisted on a chair above guests heads whilst they dance below you.

Moving on to traditional Hindu weddings, again  the colour red plays a special part as it is consider the colour of luck. After the ceremony the newly-weds feed each other five bites of a sweet food (sounds good to me).

The Spanish groom gives the father a watch after she accepts his proposal, no looky-looky man watches here Jerry! The groom then gives the bride 13 gold coins, (this is getting better). The groom often wears an embroidered shirt handmade by his future wife. I am not great at needlework so this could be a problem. Paella is the traditional food followed by cocktails and dancing.

Next time I will be visiting Italy, Africa and Japan. If you have enjoyed reading this and would like to see more drop me a line…. Thanks Alex